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Perfect Pano?

Not exactly. But a little luck and help from a crooked sunflower patch made this pano easy to appear fairly straight and undistorted in the middle portion. Here are the five images used to stitch this:

I shot these hand held and kept them all in line as best as I could, turning from left to right. Shot these on Aperture Priority and Auto White Balance, both of which technically should be left on Manual. But I find the auto modes work well enough most of the time.    After importing them to Lightroom I then used the hand off to Photoshop where there is basic but good stitching software to blend all the images together. That's it.

If the edge of the flower line were straight instead of curved, then the center of the merged image would have appeared larger than the other images as it would have appeared as if it were closer to the camera. You can see how this did in fact happen in the following image by noticing the warped lines in the floor boards, for instance:

The studio image would need to be manually adjusted in something like photoshop or special image stitching software to literally work the image as if it were liquid, grabbing the middle sections and "moving them back" to be in line the outer images.

Or, you can hope to be lucky like me and stumble upon a line that is crooked already, with the middle section farther away than the outsides!

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