Surfing the Pier

Went to the Pier this morning to see what there might be for a sunrise. Nothing but clouds. And smokey ash imported from CA. But, turns out I luckily lugged the right stuff to shoot and film from afar and found a nice spot on the wall to setup. And some beautiful people really helped. Enjoy...

Burlingame Camping Starshow

A recent camp stay at Burlingame surprisingly put me very near to being in line with the north pole. I had basic photo gear with me but these days am usually primed for some timelapses, so quite literally all the stars aligned.

This started at around 9:00 PM, just barely within blue hour, and ran for about four hours. I was forced to setup with a road and bathrooms in front of me, which were busy enough within the first hour or two that their lights are clearly a part of this sequence. Later toward the early morning the extra lighting slowed down and even saw a bit of the Milky Way in the upper right corner.

I used about 350 images total for the time lapse and final composted image of star trails.


Spring Around the House - July, 2020

What do you do when a global pandemic has you cooped up around the house? Easy; setup cameras anywhere you can and capture spring in a way you never have before. This timelapse is made of several thousand images from five different cameras, all setup and used no more than 20 feet front our back door. The shooting started in early May and carried on through June. Finally finished putting all the pieces together in early July. Nature is the star of this show, especially a rhododendron and wisteria bush. Enjoy!

Matunuck Elementary School Car Train, May, 2020

Another volunteer project, quickly put together for a local school organizing a "get together" car train in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, sometime after distance learned had crash landed. This was shot sometime into the pandemic during an attempt to reconnect faculty and students and their families. Again, we used just about anything that could record video and could be mounted to a car for a (very) quirky ride.

There is drone footage that begins to close the video at around the 8:00 mark.

Bob Pozen Promotional Video, March, 2020

Our first commercial video produced from beginning to end. A simple piece done with Bob Pozen, an MIT business professor with a consulting business on the side. 

This is also a sample of a montage made from original recordings along with select images provided by a client.

Beavertail Sunrise, January, 2020

This began as a trip to Beavertail Lighthouse for some photos of a rising sun. Of course there was a drone on hand, and good thing for that. The simple video from a drone flight was the best way to capture the moment.

As a side note, there is reasonably clear footage of soil erosion along the road that circles the lighthouse, which was cause enough for the RI DEM to close off that part of the road permanently to vehicular traffic just a short time later.

Relax for a moment and enjoy.

Wreaths Across America, December 2019

This was our first full cycle production of photography and video from capture to editing. It was a volunteer job for Ponaganset High School social studies teacher, Michael Calenda, a long time volunteer and organizer for Wreaths Across America. The video was designed as promotional material.

This project is a classic montage in that we used just about any camera we could get our hands on, big and small, from inexpensive dash cams to very expensive full frame mirrorless cameras to capture stills and video, including drone footage. The audio is lacking in some spots as we hadn’t yet acquired the proper audio recorders we have now, but overall the entire effort shows off how a general mix of media can be pieced together to tell a story. And what a great story it is to tell.

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