Thanks for stopping by our collaborate page.

We would love to hear from anyone who might want to be part of any special projects in the future, regardless of your experience level, or if you would be part of the creative team either before or after a shoot. Projects could be client based or part of a personal, creative endeavor.

Somethings we are looking for are obvious, such as models, hair stylists, and make up artists, but we are just as interested in things that are not so obvious.

Here are some ideas as examples:

Do you:

  - Have an antique car or a brand new one, or any that is just plain special to you?

 - Own a home, farm, barn, business, or have access to a location that might be of general interest or special use?

 - Have a special talent such as music, dancing, sports, acting, etc.?

 - Have experience with textiles, carpentry, or anything else that might be useful in designing sets?

The form is straightforward and only a few parts are required, and should only take a few minutes to fill out. You can access it here.

Thanks, again.


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