High School Seniors FAQs - Bob Mattera Photography

General FAQs

How do I order prints?

You can order prints either by using the self-service features of your online gallery or by meeting in-person with studio staff to guide you step by step through the process. It's totally your choice. Prints can be delivered either directly to your home or picked up in our studio.

What's the difference between an image that's been "edited" and one "detail edited?"

An "edited" image is one that has been touched up in a broad fashion, such as color correction, cropping, or exposure. A "detail edited" image is one that has been touched up in specific areas for the sake of beautifying, for instance, that might include teeth whitening, acne or stray hair removal. We welcome your input on which specific enhancements you would like to have done on any detail edited image. Some adjustments, such as removing braces, may incur and additional charge.

Can I make prints from a digital album?

Yes. All albums come with a personal use license that allows you to make as many prints as you wish.

Can I post images from a digital album on social media?


Are images in a digital album watermarked?

Yes. However, these watermarks will not show on any print orders placed through our website.

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