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Wedding Photography Information and Pricing


Pricing and packaging is designed to meet a wide range of tastes and budgets, while being flexible enough to meet most people's needs.

The pricing sheet that follows is meant to cover as many basics as possible and can be customized in different ways. The package discounts listed are samples of how items can be put together. 

More discounts are available with more items being added to your list.

Much of this pricing is dependent on the type of editing that is performed on each image. "Unedited" images are those that come straight off the camera without any further enhancements using tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

"Basic" edited images are those that have corrections made such as exposure, cropping or color. These are the edits included in the "Basic Edit" add on, which include all the images from your wedding.

"Detail" edited images are those made to specific areas of an image, such as skin toning, blemish or stray hair removal, and teeth whitening. These edits are only made on print orders.

You can see before and after samples of the different edits on this page.

Please call/text/email so we can discuss your needs further.


All pricing, options, and discounts subject to change without notice.

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