Aerial/Drone Photography - Bob Mattera Photography

The drone industry and supporting applications are the fastest growing aspects on the entire photography landscape. Drones are much more than a camera with four propellers.

We continue to invest time and money to keep up with the fast pace of changes and the new ways drones are changing the way we live and do business.

We are currently testing the relatively new and growing field of mapping software built specifically for drones. These two technologies working together offer an incredible advantage to how business is done for a long and growing list of industries, including: 

Coastline Management

Forestry Management


Building Inspection


Flood Modeling

To name a few.

We are currently accepting clients to participate in testing the latest mapping technologies.

Please contact us if you are in any field that could benefit from advanced imagery and data analytics provided on site and up to the moment.

We also conduct flights for more traditional applications such as real estate photography.

And you can be sure that a drone will be on site if that is what it takes to make your portrait session special and unique.

Contact us here to learn more about pricing and flight operations for any personal or business use.

All flights are conducted by an FAA certified pilot.

Each flight operation is performed at the sole discretion of the pilot in command regarding safety and regulatory compliance.

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