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Our intimate sessions are all about privacy, comfort, and making you look and feel fabulous. And while these sessions are traditionally for women (Boudoir), we are also as happy to cater to men (Dudoir).

Your session will always have a photographer and an assistant on hand for extra comfort and convenience. 

Your images are kept as private as you wish, either in an online gallery available to yourself and anyone else you choose, or completely offline. 

Session fees are the same for men and women. 

Both options include your choice of hair and makeup or image credits:

Two Hours: $275.00

Four Hours: $475.00

Each session includes either an in person meeting or phone call designed to make your experience as fantastic as possible.

Times are in addition to any hair and makeup

Two hour slots allow us to utilize several outfit changes and studio sets, including natural and studio lighting.

Four hour slots allow even more creativity, outfit changes and set designs, and help insure you have the look and feel you desire.

Your privacy is our top priority. We will never ask for permission to use an image on our website or any marketing material, and any image we do use will be one you specifically gave us permission to use without us asking.

Please contact us here for more information or to schedule a session.

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