High School Seniors - Questions and Answers - Bob Mattera Photography

Common Questions and Answers

What will my photo session be like?

Fun! Bob is fun and easy going, making your session as relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Bob has photographed countless of different people for personal or commercial reasons. Yet, everyone comes into a session with a degree of anxiety, some more than others, only to find that the working environment with Bob is comfortable, friendly, and relaxing.

How long does the entire process take and how do I get my images?

Your images will be ready for download generally about 7 days after your session. Extra editing you have order may add some time to this process. Your images will be available in an online gallery that we will provide instrustions for how you can download the entire gallery.

What if my skin is breaking out?

Not a problem. We can hand edit any image with the latest of world class editing software, paying close attention to the smallest of details to make you look as great as naturally possible!

We can also retouch for stray hairs and whiten teeth. Our approach is to make only cosmetic changes to images, those such as acne or teeth whitening, that either are temporary in nature or can readily be fixed in real life. We do not remove birthmarks or change the physical outline of a person.

Do you have suggestions on what to wear for a session?

Yes, but first we will point out that all portraits tell a story, and that is done through your eyes and expression more than anything else. More than what you wear and more than where your session takes place. The most important part of your session will be how well your expression tells the story of who you are and who you hope to become.

As for outfits, first and foremost, be comfortable and match your personality. Bring options! We suggest choosing at least one outfit that is dressy but everyday casual, and at least one outfit that was picked out specifically for your portraits and that makes you feel fabulous! Solid colors are safe, but patterns and prints that are not too busy also work. Try to choose colors and outfits that match the season. Avoid what is in style as they do not necessarily photograph well and generally do not stand the test of time.

But in the end, it is your show and the most important thing you will wear will be a smile.

Do you offer any type of specialty portrait?

Yes! The sky is literally the limit with what can be done with a photo and a graphic artist. We can build your specialty portrait by combining an image we take with an existing design from our extensive library, or by completely creating a final portrait from our own vision. It all starts with your session and can be done as an individual or a group.

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