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Why Not to Use Wide Angle Lenses in Portraits

          Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Providence.

          "Perfect" Pano??

          2019 Annual Newport St Patrick's Day Parade

          About as good as it gets for Rhode Island

          Two parades is all I made it to this year, Newport and Providence. Both of which I have seen many times over. This year, viewing from the steps of the Old Courthouse, I had a great vantage point, seeing the steady stream coming and going, and can say without a doubt that the Newport parade is much longer and well attended by viewers and participants than the Providence parade.

          Pictures included below, shot with the small but mighty Olympus TG-4, which lacks the picture quality even a basic DSLR, but has a lot of nice features and who's quality is close enough when you want a break from lugging around a burdening block of gear.

          March 16th, 2019

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          Newport Shipyard Wandering

          Even an off-season visit is worth the trip.

          It's different every time we visit, yet it never fails to impress us. Here is some raw footage from a recent swing through on a day we decided to swing into Newport to kill a few hours. This time we were treated to a mast raising!

          March 8, 2019

          Raw Footage

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          Wedding Details

          A sample close up or macro shot from a past wedding. The work behind the scene is barely visible: you sense a brief opportunity to get a ring shot, something that is on the bride's "must have list." So you borrow the rings, grab an item or two that is a special part of the day - tea pots from a traditional Chinese tea ceremony in this case - pull out a glass window pane that you just happen to be carrying in your bag "just in case," find a spot with some good light, set up your scene and take a few shots that you sense will fit the bill, break it down and move on. All in a few minutes time at the most. There's much more to be done.

          March 4, 2019

          Untitled photo

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          Winter Stroll Through South County Museum

          Somewhat ominous walking through South County Museum on a cool but sunny winter day in February. A bit of ghost town. But quiet and peaceful.

          February 14, 2019

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          Winter Surfing at the Pier

          Cold weather surfers are willing and prepared to surf throughout the northeast winters, heading to the shore in droves when good waves are in the area. There were 5-6 footers off Monahan's Dock on this February day, enough to pull about 20 surfers to the water between Narrow River and State Pier #5.

          February 13, 2019

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