I’ve been an admirer of this kind of photography for sometime, practicing it as early as my time as a student at RISD, as early as 2014. But only in 2020 did I up the ante by beginning to take John Hartman’s Light Painting class. I say “beginning” because the COVID-19 pandemic prevented me from traveling to his studio in Wisconsin, where the course was scheduled to be conducted. The course was designed to be for in-person learning, but in 2020, in response to the on going pandemic, John developed an accompanying set of video lessons meant to cover the essentials of the in person version for those who could not, or preferred not to participate in the live course.

What follows is a log of sorts, of my work as it has progressed essentially from 2020 onward.


This set of images are a continuation of what began in 2020, expanding on the range of techniques and subject matter. The most recent images appear at the top of the gallery.


These are my initial attempts throughout the year at light painting using John Hartman’s methods and tools, ordered with the newest work listed first and the oldest listed last.

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