St Patrick's Day Weekend and Parade, Newport - 2022

We love spending any time in Newport, but the St Patrick's Day parade is our favorite reason to jump into the fray for the entire weekend. The crowds are often thicker than we care for, but we know the ropes enough by now to either stay clear of the drunken craziness, or just duck. 

This year, still recovering from a global pandemic and two successive years of cancelled parades, and caught in rainy temperatures in the low 40s, the parade was not nearly as crowded as the last one in 2019. And then, not as crowded or hedonistic as 2018 when the holiday fell on the same Saturday as the parade. 2018 brought out a lot of crazy, drunk people, and was a year if ever there was one, no doubt, to convince the Newport Police Department to have all hands on deck the day of the parade. As least we learned as much this year later on Saturday night talking to a few recently-off-duty officers. Still, even with this year's lessened attendance, we saw enough shenanigans to warrant the Department's full court press.

Below are a few scenes from the weekend. The roughly six minute video includes some footage at the end from the 2019 parade, which shows rather clearly how much of a drop off there was in attendance this year. The footage is from the same spot on the corner of Broadway and Farewell, which also has a view down Broadway toward the harbor where crowds can really swell. Except this year.

And camera buffs might note the dramatic difference in footage from this year's iPhone 13 and the Olympus TG-4 I used for the 2019 parade. The iPhone is a fantastic camera for capturing clear, crisp video with great stabilization and dynamic range. The Olympus works well enough for stills but is dated for capturing video. It excels submersed in shallow water, something I used it for  extensively, but just one time too many. I've yet to regret replacing it with the current iPhone 13 mini. I am chalking one up for the continuing forward march of large and small camera technology.

Parade Video

There were no shortage of signs of the times. The downtown Marriott, where we usually stay when we visit the City, had rooms priced that were out of our comfort zone. The innkeeper where we chose to stay instead had the best description for the Marriott's daily rates; "some of them have commas in the number." 

Untitled photo

The Marshall Slocum Inn on Kay St was a random find and was an easy walk from Broadway, the heart of the parade route and where we tend to gravitate to for food and drinks any time of year. 

The "No!" sign, which we found walking along old money Kay St, speaks for itself. I am guessing there were none of those signs to be found circa 1855. 

The City's festivities really start the night before the parade. Here are some pre-event sights and sounds:

She just loves men in kilts.

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