Weddings, generally speaking

We know from experience that as the years pass on the value of the memories we capture grow and grow. We also know that motion graphics such as video are far more engaging than still imagery, which makes it all the more important for us to be able to give our clients options when choosing what and how to capture their memories. Prints, especially albums, still have their place in posterity and should always be high on an options list.

Most couples planning a wedding follow the traditional wedding planning path of choosing a still photographer, then deciding whether to choose (and especially, pay for) a videographer. Their budget ends up overloading on the still imagery side and many, sadly, never have the sound and live part captured beyond anything better than an attendees’ mobile phone. Mobile phones are great cameras in certain settings, but their small capture components are not capable of capturing good imagery in darker environments, such as what exists in many indoor places like churches and chapels, and their built in microphones are poor at capturing good audio even up close, let alone at any modest distance.

We offer any combination of still photography and wedding videography. All our customizable packages include any combination of stills and video and audio, including drones if possible, and all the video and photo editing to produce exactly what you want, including a traditional printed album or digital album from everything captured from your event. We even welcome images captured at any time prior to your event to be included in your digital album.

Every wedding is different and every couple is different. We think the most thorough, most efficient, most affordable, and most flexible way to match all the needs of the many different events of our clients is a mix of photography and video.

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