Weddings are great, celebratory events that we love to be a part of

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We know from experience that as the years pass on the value of the memories we capture grow and grow. We also know that video is far more engaging than still imagery, which makes it all the more important for us to be able to give our clients options when choosing what and how to capture their memories. Prints, especially albums, still have their place in posterity and should always be high on an options list, but the fact is that video rules memory lane.  

Most couples planning a wedding follow the traditional wedding planning path of first choosing a photographer, then deciding whether to choose (and especially, pay for) a videographer. Their budget ends up overloading on the still imagery side and many, sadly, never have the sound and live part captured beyond anything better than a choppy mishmash of attendees’ mobile phones. 

We offer any combination of still photography and wedding videography. All our customizable packages include any combination of stills and video and audio, including drones if possible, and all the video and photo editing to produce exactly what you want, including a traditional printed album or digital album from everything captured from your event.

Every wedding is different and every couple is different. We know from experience, personally and professionally, that the most thorough, most efficient, most affordable, and most flexible way to match all the needs of the many different events of our clients is a mix of photography and video. It's how we roll.

Sample Images

Sample Video Montage

Perhaps the best clip we have to show is from our own wedding in 1988, a clip mainly of my mom and me. Her parents and my father are in with us, all of whom have passed on from our lives. This is the best way we know to show why anyone would want to video their wedding. We forever have the beautiful visual especially of my mom as she tries to hide from her tears and compose herself for one last picture. My mom and I were very close and she was, if nothing else, a huge force that has shaped my life. Jackie grew to become "the daughter she never had." My mom passed away three months before I moved into the business full time in 2017, something she knew was a dream of mine for many years. You can see we were being posed by the photographer and that a flash goes off, but in the end we never saw this picture in our proofs and this clip is all we have to show for the moment. But no matter; a still would never have captured the moment the way this clip has, which we have to cherish forever. Check it out; 26 seconds is all it takes:

A few special words from past clients:

Bob, I have sent links of the photos and videos to everyone whom I thought would want a second (or first) look. Without exception, everyone has been blown away by the beauty of the photography as well as the emotion of the day. It has given me great joy to share this special day with friends and family and to know how much pleasure it has given them. I know I keep thanking you, but once again THANK YOU! You are the best! I am so glad you decided to follow your passion. I wish you continued success and please don’t hesitate to give my name as a reference.

Dear Bob and Crew,

We simply don’t have the words to express our appreciation for what you have done! Bob, from the original Brazilian-Pawtucket-Narragansett online Zoom summit…to the final images and video you beautifully presented online, it’s been a wonderful journey I hope will never end! Thank you, thank you, thank you…You’ve literally made it possible to relive those special moments endlessly with many tears of joy.

Hi, Bob! We have looked through the photos and love them. We can see the one you worked up and think we agree it will be "the one." ...Everyone commented on the fantastic job you did capturing the evening but accommodating everyone's enjoyment, especially ours.

Bob, these all brought tears to my eyes. I can't begin to tell you how happy you've made me. I can't say it enough but thank you so much! They are perfect!!Thank you so much for all you did on our wedding day.

We cannot wait to see the pictures! We are so happy you enjoyed the day as much as we did! The girls couldn’t say enough how great you were!

Thanks for being our wedding photographer. You were the perfect person for the job. Looking forward to seeing the photo's.

Bob is a great guy. Very easy to work with. My wedding pictures came out fabulous. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Packages and Pricing

Combined Video and Photography Package - $3,900.00 for 8 hours of coverage

Includes two Content Creators (photographers/videographers) for the entire event that are equipped to shoot photos and video, making this by far the best, most flexible and economical option that gives maximum coverage, including being able to cover multiple "getting ready" locations or covering cocktail hours while formals are taking place.

Includes all the same deliverables that the Base Photography and Base Videography packages include. 

Base Photography: $2,900.00 - One photographer for 8 hours of coverage

Includes all the high resolution edited images from your event presented in an online gallery from which you may download with print/personal use rights, or order prints from.

Base Videography - $2,200 - One videographer for 8 hours of coverage

Includes a highlight reel up to 5 minutes in duration of all the key moments from the day as well as a combined movie of "raw" footage from all that was captured throughout the day.

Optional Add Ons:

Engagement Session: $195.00

Live Streaming for up to 100 people: $395.00

Custom Albums: Starting at $395.00

Extra Photographer/Videographer: $395.00

Prices as of April, 2022. More or less coverage hours are possible. Prices subject to change without notice. Please always inquire to get the most accurate quote. 

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