About Our Studio

We are a small photography and videography studio offering our clients a wide mix of options. We offer traditional services for either photography or video, or a combination of both. 

These flexible combinations allow economical solutions especially for clients with an interest in a combination of photography and video. Every job is tailored made, making it easy to meet any vision a client has.

The technical complexity of cameras used to capture photography and videography, along with professional editing software prevents most small business studios from being proficient at both. For most it is one or the other. Yet, many professional digital cameras have the ability to shoot stills and video, and some excel at both, especially the newer mirrorless DSLRs that we use, making the editing software and an additional investment in audio capture the last bridge to be able to offer both. We’ve taken this last step which is part of what sets us apart from most studios servicing individuals, families, and small businesses.

About Our Service

We are a service business above all else, something that cannot be stressed enough. All our interactions with vendors, partners, prospective clients, and actual clients are conducted with the highest degree of respect and integrity, which starts from the moment of first contact all the way through and including when a project is done. For us, the overall experience matters as much as what we create.  We value the long history of clients and work experience we have so far and always look forward to the new ones we create.

About Us


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I am the lead photographer and videographer following a longtime passion as a visual artist that began during my senior year in high school as a student in Brother Philips' "Film Arts" class at La Salle Academy, but languished until later in life while I chose instead a career in Information Technology, mainly working for Amica Insurance.

In 2012 I enrolled in RISD’s Continuing Education Certificate program in Digital Photography, which I completed in 2015, the year I began taking part-time paid photography work. I left Amica in 2017 to work the photography business full time, completing the circle that began in 1979.

When I am not working the photography business I am working as a substitute teacher or classroom aid in the South Kingstown School District, or volunteering as a mentor for SK Cares, a local organization helping disadvantaged school aged kids. You may even find me teaching photography at the local recreation department or just wandering town shooting with nothing more dangerous than a Nikon mirrorless camera.


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My wife and I have been married since 1988 and still have our photo album and video on hand to remind us after so many years how important it is to have the day captured correctly, especially after so many years of raising a family and watching all four of our parents pass away. We have two adult sons and have lived in Wakefield, RI, since the early 1990s. Jackie retired in 2021 from a long and distinguished career in the South Kingstown school system and now spends part of her time helping me when needed.

February, 2022

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